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APOX film accreditation's


The Festival APOX is reserved to film industry professionals. Every participant must be granted
accreditation to take part in the Festival. Professional accreditations are granted by professional


In 2021 the registration for accreditations requires payment of a 20,-EUR(excl. TAX).


The number of accreditations per media outlet and the categories of the badges
(access and priority levels) are attributed according to the profession represented
(journalist, photographer, media technician), the periodicity of the media outlet, its
size (circulation, audience), its focus on cinema, and its expected coverage of the
Festival APOX.

If your main activity is editorial (print and digital press, news agency, web/digital
media editor), your point of contact is the Press Office:
Print and digital press, news agencies:
Web/digital media:
Tel: +385 95 828 5181

If your main activity is audiovisual (broadcast media agency, photo agency,
press photographer, audiovisual web media, TV, radio), your contact will be
the Audiovisual Press Office:
Broadcast media (TV-Radio-Agency), photo agencies & press
Audiovisual Web Media (Video & Image):
Tel: +385 95 828 5181

Are you a cinemafile and you want to be in every APOX festival place, then for you is special cinemafile
accreditation, that guaranty you as follow:
1. Unlimited entry for APOX film festival and events
2. A special welcome pack
3. A workshops entrance
The price for all the period is only 300,-EUR

Contact us directly for a special spot on APOX ,